Pic A Photobooth has provided photo booth services for this annual gala the past 3 years. This gala held at the Pierre hotel in New York raises money and awareness for people suffering from eating disorders. This organizations work is second to none and attracts interested participants from all different social spectrums. We were honored to provide photo booth services once again for such a worthy event. The guests as usual had tons of fun and the pictures came out spectacular.

NEDA raises money for eating disorders at this gala by selling artistic paintings and other works. The crowd is very enthusiastic and lively and are anxious to purchase items to help raise money for such a worthy cause. Once the auctioning is done then the crowd comes out of the ballroom and into the reception area where the photo booth is all set up and ready to rock and roll. The line is usually around the corner as the guests wait to have their pictures taken with funny hats, glasses and prop signs.

We are honored to provide a fun experience at their annual events and are always glad to get that yearly call to do their event once again.